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Supporting a Bereaved Child

Please follow this link from the local authority should you need any support.

E-Safety Adventures with Kara and Winston

Animated cartoon to help children and young people make safe online decisions.

BBC Parenting Site

Advice for parents of primary-aged children.

BBC Adult Learning

Lots of information about getting into learning.

Parents' Resources

Articles written by practising teachers designed to help with the education of your child.

SureStart Childcare

Where to find childcare in your area.


The latest and widest range of public service information from the UK government.

Parent Link

Practical tips on helping with children's school work.

Parent Pages

THE national directory of services aimed at parents

Deleting accounts online

This website gives instructions on how to delete most accounts on web services.

Educate against hate

This website gives information to help protect your children from extremism and radicalisation.