Financial Matters

In today’s unsettled employment climate, we have seen the financial situation of many of our families change overnight, through no fault of their own.  We fully appreciate that many people find discussing financial matters difficult and embarrassing.  At Winterton Junior School one of our main aims is to ensure that no child in our school is ever disadvantaged and unable to take part in anything, through financial circumstances or poverty.  To that end, all Winterton Junior School staff will treat you with utmost respect and confidentiality, should the need arise for you to discuss any financial matter with us. This might include registration for Free School Meals, arranging payment plans for school educational visits or for purchasing school uniform.  We are here to help and we do not want any of our families to feel uncomfortable in approaching us in this regard.

Should you wish to discuss any financial matter, when contacting us, please request a confidential meeting, so that these discussions can be carried out confidentially in a private room with a Senior Leader or Mrs Logan.

Free School Meals/Pupil Premium Grant Funding


Whilst at Infant School, your child will have been in receipt of the Universal Free School Meals scheme, which entitled them to a free school lunch on a daily basis. Unfortunately this scheme does not extend to junior age children and will no longer be available to every child.


However, should your family financial circumstances meet certain criteria; your child may still be entitled to Free School Meals/Pupil Premium Grant funding. If you think you may meet the criteria, or are unsure what this might be, and you have not already registered for this entitlement, please contact our school office immediately where Admin staff will be able to confidentially advise and support you in organising registration.  Not only will this enable your child to continue to receive a free school meal on a daily basis, as a school we will also receive a significant amount of money, (currently £1320) known as Pupil Premium Grant funding, to further support your child’s education, in a variety of ways, whilst they are at our school.  Please also note that you can apply for Pupil Premium funding at any time whilst your child is at Winterton Junior School should your financial circumstances change.


Under no circumstances will it be made public that any child is on free school meals: knowledge that a child is in receipt of free school meals is treated in a very confidential manner, and this information is only shared with limited personnel in school. Rest assured that there is no distinction made, in any circumstances in school, between free school meal pupils and non- free school meal pupils.


Your child needs to be registered for Free School Meals for our school to access the Pupil Premium Grant funding – we would ask that you PLEASE REGISTER for Free School Meals if your child is eligible, even if you do not want your child to have free school meals.